Unity Asset Bundle 1 – May 2018

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Unity Asset Bundle 1 – May 2018

Unity Asset Bundle 1 – May 2018


Third Person Controller - Melee Combat Template v2.3.0
Third Person Controller - Shooter Template v1.2.0
Terrain To Mesh 2018.3
UMotion Pro - Animation Editor 1.09p05
Contrast - Tunnel Survival
Little Heroes Mega Pack 2.5
Mini Pack : Keys
Odin - Inspector and Serializer
Playmaker v1.8.9
Polyquest Worlds Full Pack Vol.1
Nottorus 2.0 - Visual Programming plugin
Amplify Shader Editor v1.5.3
Modular sci-fi Environment D v1.0
Scanned Rocks with Moss and Snow v2.0
88 Utility Materials Pack v1.0
Chainlink and Tarp Materials v1.0

Download: Unity Asset Bundle 1 – May 2018

  1. SirBear
    SirBear2018 May 19 12:01
    1. Sonya2018 May 19 12:17
      And why not?
      1. SirBear
        SirBear2018 May 19 17:00
        she hangs my download in 10 kb can you help me download faster by passing the file to me?
        1. Lex
          Lex2018 May 19 21:03
          You have to upgrade to hitfile premium and then you wont have the problem anymore.
          1. SirBear
            SirBear2018 May 20 05:57
            I know this I know very well of this more sir I am Brazilian I am trying to learn about programming blueprints after all I want to create games I am working alone to achieve and the premiun and half expensive for you to have idea I do not have money I do not have money for a small course of modeling and programming I'm learning everything in the marra with tutorials in languages that I do not understand very well I'm using these files to learn how it was done and thus to be able to create some clear games of grace
      2. Dev2018 May 25 07:04
        Because other services (Rapidshare, Nitrofile, ...) do not automatically block free download after relatively short time. Therefore having second alternative would allow to get around this annoyance.

        For example in this bundle the 3rd file is already blocked.

        Unity Asset Bundle 1 May 2018.part3.rar (733,48 Mb)

        Limit reached for free download of this file.
        You can download this file using the premium access
    2. Lex
      Lex2018 May 19 12:41
      What's wrong with hitfile?
      1. SirBear
        SirBear2018 May 19 17:00
        she hangs my download in 10 kb can you help me download faster by passing the file to me?
  2. taetaeMe2018 May 20 02:28
    Hey Lex,

    Thanks for this upload, kindly upload RPG All-in-One, PBR Characters Orcs and other 3d characters model next time. @SirBear, bear in mind that the uploader uses hitfile to earn money for them to continue uploading interesting stuff for you to use and enjoy.
    1. SirBear
      SirBear2018 May 20 05:00
      yes I understand more expensive I live in Brazil here things in dollars are 3 times more expensive so I'm taking I'm doing a project alone modeling, modeling, dubbing and programming to see if I can get money to pay for this hitfile and download faster But while it does not happen I need help.
  3. john2018 May 20 05:01
    Hi can you guys buy Weapons Pack by 3DMAESEN on Unity Store if your downloads are doing very very well and earning lots of money. LOL that would be ultimate
  4. Moh342018 May 21 17:15
    Can you upload rts engine and cité building à battle perfect kit
  5. YoungSinat2018 May 23 18:06
    Someone can reupload it? at least part3
    1. Sonya2018 May 23 18:40
      What's the problem? Part 3 is on the server.
      1. Dev2018 May 25 06:53
        It may look like it is on the server but it is not reachable for non-premium users.

        Limit reached for free download of this file.
        You can download this file using the premium access
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